Your Bi-monthly water costs.
Cal-Am / RWE
Foreign Control
Local Ownership
(SLVWD rate +
bond payment)
Savings under
Local Ownership
each billing period
(every two months)
Annualized Savings
Local Ownership
2005 Current bill [1]

2005 When rate increase kicks in [2]

[3], [4]

Total savings under Local Ownership, 2005 -
  1. All calculations are based on a 5/8" meter connection. If you are one of the few customers with a larger connection, your savings under local ownership will be greater.
  2. Your current bill does not include a 44.2% rate increase already granted to Cal-Am. This is what you will pay when Cal-Am starts billing the rate increase they've already received.
  3. Estimates of Cal-Am/RWE rates for 2006 and beyond are based on an average of 5% per year increase. In fact, rates will change only once every several years, but likely by much more than 5%. We believe 5% is a conservative estimate of the average annual increase.
  4. Estimates of SLVWD rates for 2006 and beyond are based on an average 2.5% per year increase. This is their historical average annual increase from 1991.
  5. In 1997 the treatment plant was financed with a 30-year bond. We've been paying a "Water Surcharge" of $23.00 on every bill since '97. In 2026 the financing is paid off, so starting in 2027 Cal-Am billing drops by $23.00 on each bill. If we merge with SLVWD, this charge ends.
  6. In 2035, the 30-year bond used to buy back our water will be paid off. The “Expected Bond Payment”, per County filings, is $598 per household per year, based on an $11 million bond. The bond amount could be less, but it cannot be more. Bond payments end after 30 years.